Thursday, May 31, 2012

26 weeks

How far along: 26 Weeks
Baby's size: About 15 inches, 2.2 lbs!  The size of cucumber!
Sleep:  The past few nights have been a little rougher!  I've been up just about every hour :(
Maternity Clothes:  For sure!  Love my maternity jeans, love maxi skirts!!!  Comfort, comfort, comfort!
Food cravings:   fruit - watermelon, strawberries mostly!
Food aversions:   still doing good, no aversions happening right now.
Symptoms I have:  I've been having these times when my stomach will get extremely hard and a little sore, but it will only last a few minutes, but sporadically throughout the day.  Reading up on it, I believe these are Braxton Hicks contractions.  (This site, amongst others gave some good info on it While somewhat of an annoyance, it's also been reassurance that my  body is working properly towards delivering our little bundle :-)
Doctor’s Appointment: June 8th, glucose testing!
Movement: Baby is still so active!!!  This past week the kicks have gotten a lot more intense!!!  I just love feeling our little baby bouncing around in there!  There is no doubt this kid is on the go... we're going to have our hands full for sure!
Belly Button:   A very stretched out innie!  Coughing, laughing tends to make my belly button pop a little, but it's still going back in at this point!
Gender:  the great mystery!!!
What I’m looking forward to:  meeting our baby, gazing into their eyes, studying their little features!!!   
What I miss:   sleep... definitely missing sleep.  But it will all be so worth it, I know!
A couple shots for you this week, taken at work.  I'm feeling like I'm on the cusp of cute pregnant and woah mama pregnant! ;-)
Excuse the hair... I'm not having much energy to do anymore than wash and dry it these days!  Ha!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

25 Weeks

How far along: 25 Weeks
Baby's size: About 9.2 inches, 2 lbs! Still the size of an eggplant!
Sleep: no changes, still up every few hours.  This is my life now!
Maternity Clothes:   Yes!  The few maternity items I picked up on consignment and a few empire waisted dresses, and maxi-skirts are what I live in now days!
Food cravings:  not having any real cravings, unless the cupcakes that I had to have when I was at the mall the other nights ;-)  one for me, one for z, and one for baby!  haha!
Food aversions:  doing good, nothing really turning my stomach right now
Symptoms I have:   achy back, I am so thankful to be receiving chiropractic and massage therapy throughout my pregnancy!  It has been awesome!  Had my first 'pregnancy' massage the other night and she really worked by hips, sides and sciatic... was a little painful but I know it's helping!!!
Doctor’s Appointment: June 8th, glucose testing!
Movement: baby is so active in there!!!  z can definitely feel movements now.  And we can almost see the movement on my belly!!!  Although had to tell right now if it's just my twitching ;-)
Belly Button:  still an innie, but it's a shallow one at that!
Gender: mystery
What I’m looking forward to:  these longs days at work are making me look forward to spending my days at home with baby!  
What I miss:  nothing much, well other than getting more than 2 hrs of sleep at a time!  ;-)  dragging a little during the day!

And coincidentally....  I am wearing the same dress as last weeks post!  Ha!  But styled a little differently!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

24 Weeks

How far along: 24 Weeks
Baby's size: About 9 inches, 1.7 lbs!!! The size of an eggplant!
Sleep: still up every few hours
Maternity Clothes: bought some 2nd hand maternity clothes, some of my pre-pregnancy dresses are becoming tight!
Food cravings: lots of salads, ice cream :-P
Food aversions: No changes
Symptoms I have: A little lower back pain, my heels ache after standing for long periods of time
Doctor’s Appointment: June 5th, glucose testing!
Movement: lots of movement as usual! Z has been able to feel it quite positively now!!!
Belly Button: still innie, but the other day I was laying down and started coughing and my belly button popped out like it was erupting! It was weird! Popped back in though! But I think I'll be an outtie before the month is over!
Gender: mystery
What I’m looking forward to: meeting my baby!
What I miss: nothing much, pretty happy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nursery inspiration

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love pinterest! Especially for ideas for our nursery! Since the hubs and I have decided to keep the gender a mystery up until the time baby decides to join us, we're going for a gender neutral themed nursery. We decided early on to paint the nursery green, and then the idea of a whimsical northwest forest evolved from there. And thus began the hunt for inspiration, enter pinterest! Here are a few of our current inspirations... 

 Hardwood floors, pops of color

Wall art Tree Design inspiration
Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest

More Wall art Tree inspiration

Ikea curtains (already purchased)

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest

Monday, May 14, 2012

Old Wives Tales... Am I having a boy or a girl?

I decided (just for fun) to take a gender quiz based on old wives tales... 

  1. If you're carrying high it's a girl, if you're carrying low it's a boy (I don't know if I'm caring high or low... I think I'm right in the middle) = null
  2. 140+ heats per minute it's a girl, below 140 beats it's a boy (Last check baby's heartbeat was around 170) = girl
  3. Craving sugar it's a girl, craving salty or sour it's a boy (Well I've always been one to crave salt, but lately I do have more of a sweet tooth) = girl
  4. Chinese birth chart, takes your age at conception and the month you conceived (32 + 12) if the number is even it's a boy, if it's odd it's a girl = boy
  5. OK this one is weird, and I'm skipping it.... pee in a cup, mix a tablespoon of drano in it and watch to see if it changes colors.  Green it's a girl, blue it's a boy. = null
  6. Mayan legend, takes your age at conception and the year of conception, if they are both even it's a girl, if one is even and the other is odd it's a boy ( 32, 2011) = boy
  7. If you're breaking out, it's a girl - they tend to take their mother's beauty.  I've always been prone to breakouts! = null
  8. Take off your wedding ring, tie it to a string and hang it over your belly.  If it swings in a circle, it's a boy.  If it swings back and forth, it's a girl. I'll have to come back to this one!
  9. Morning sickness it's a girl, little or no morning sickness it's a boy = boy
Looks like I've got 2 points for girl, 3 points for boy.

We'll see how accurate these old wives tales are come September ;-)

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend was spent celebrating mother's day!  We headed up to my parents house for a bbq and enjoyed good food and warm spring weather.  It was a gorgeous weekend in the PNW, complete with 80 degree sunny weather!

Friday, May 11, 2012

23 Weeks

How far along:  23 Weeks
Baby's size: About 8.5 inches, 1.5 lbs!!! The size of an ear of corn!
Sleep: no changes, still up many times a night!
Maternity Clothes:  still able to wear most of my pre-maternity dresses, which are mostly empire waist. 
Food cravings: Still eating lots of salads this week!  And oddly enough lots of corn on the cob, since that's the size of baby right now!  Ha!
Food aversions: No changes
Symptoms I have:  Been having more and more aches and stretches, mostly on my right side.  I notice it the most when walking.
Doctor’s Appointment: Had one on May 8th, belly is measuring normal.  Doc had a hard time placing the heartbeat because baby was so active!  I could feel a little kick here and there at the doppler!  
Movement: No changes, baby is still quite active in there!  
Belly Button: Still innie, although not as deep this past week!  Might be popping out here soon!
Gender: Still don't know, don't want to know!  But I'm leaning towards boy :-)
What I’m looking forward to: Cannot wait to hold my baby!  
What I miss: Getting more than 2-4 hours of sleep at a time!  Oh well!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Letters to Baby, 22 weeks

Dear Baby,
You are 22 weeks this week.  You're about the size of a small doll at a little over a pound.  In the next 4 weeks you are expected to double in size!!!  I am eating lots of salads and nutritious foods to help you grow!  Your daddy and I are also walking a lot to keep mommy in shape for when you decide to join us! I can feel you a lot these days.  Little flutter kicks while I'm at work, while watching t.v., especially at night when I lay on my side hugging my body pillow, I think you like that position!!!  I've woken up a few times this week and could tell that you were all snuggled up on one side on my belly!  I can't wait for your daddy to really start feeling you move around!  Your daddy says good morning to you everyday!  We can't wait to meet you!

22 Weeks

How far along:  22 Weeks
Baby's size: About 8 inches, 1.2 lbs!!! The size of a papaya!
Sleep: still up several times a night!  I this is supposed to train you for when the baby comes ;-) 
Maternity Clothes:  c wore my maternity jeans yesterday... realized that pants just aren't going to work for me anymore!  Loose elastic, high-waisted skirts, or dresses from here on out!
Food cravings: Lots of salads, my sweet tooth has returned a little!  Hubby treated me to a frosty after our walk the other night, yay!  
Food aversions: Doing good, still liking food
Symptoms I have:  I've been getting backaches in the afternoon lately, after sitting at my desk all day.  77 more days of work!  121 days til baby comes, can't wait!
Doctor’s Appointment: May 8th
Movement: Lots of movement, hubby is still unable to be sure he can feel it yet
Belly Button: Still innie
Gender: Unknown and keeping it that way!
What I’m looking forward to: Baby coming!  Finding out if we have a little z or a little b
What I miss: Excited about the future, little to miss right now