Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lily at 8 weeks

...weight 13 lbs 9 0z.  That's up 4 lbs since last month!!!  Lily is 95% on weight
...height 23 1/4 inches.  She's grown 2 1/4 inches since her 2 week appt and currently in the 85% on height
...Lily has almost outgrown all of her 0-3 months clothes!!!  Her little legs are getting too long for the onsies! appt on Jan 10th, her 4 month checkup!

...Lily is exclusively breastfeeding!  Mama is so proud that she is gaining weight like a champ!!!

...Lily is co-sleeping with mommy and daddy.  We have weighed the risks and read about the benefits and feel that it is the best arrangement for our family right now.  Lily is still sleeping 2-3 hours at a time, with some 4 hour stints at night.  Some days she will only nap for a half hour, hour and be up 2 hours at a time.
We've been able to maintain our routine of getting bed between 9-10 and falling asleep around 11.  Last night Lily was a little fussy (since her 2 month vacinations, she been a bit fussier :( She feel asleep around 12 and slept until 5am.  Yay for mommy!!!
Lily continues to be a very active sleeper, grunting, moaning, sometimes a yelp!  We watch her as she sleeps and her eyes flutter and roll, she's a dreamer for sure!!!

...Lily is becoming very aware of her surroundings!  She noticed Sabrina (our cat) for the first time last week!  She smiled and stared for bit before the cat became impatient waiting for me to pet her!!!  Lily loves the toys hanging from her carseat, she stares at them and sometime reaches out and hits them!  Still loves the Mamaroo and looking at the balls, again sometimes reaching out to hit them.
Lily has started making lots of noises the past few weeks.  She 'talks' to the bird on the curtain, the balls on the Mamaroo and us quite often.  She loves hearing us imitate her noises!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Family Traditions

Growing up there were few 'traditions' in my family.  My parents, sister and I moved to Honolulu when I was 7 years old, and while I'm sure there were family traditions we participated in prior to the move, sadly I do not remember them.  When we moved to Hawaii, we tried to start a few traditions in our new home, such as spending Christmas day at the beach (because, why not ;-).  Now that I have my own family and by my own sentimental nature, I think it is important to establish our own family traditions.
One of my family traditions is visiting the Pumpkin Patch around Halloween.  This year we were thrilled to take Lily along, even if she did sleep the entire time!

last year, 2011

Another family tradition I am looking forward to sharing with our Lily is Thanksgiving.  We hold Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  This year the entire family is joining us...