Monday, January 14, 2013

Lily @ 4 months

...weight 17 lbs 10 0z.  Lily is 97% on weight
...height 25 1/2 inches.  She's currently in the 95% on height
...Lily has almost outgrown all of her 6 months clothes!!!  She is growing so fast! appt,  her 6 month checkup!

...Lily is exclusively breastfeeding!  We have been introducing the bottle once a day, to encourage her being able to take the bottle so maybe mommy and daddy can have a night out soon!!!

...Lily has been mostly co-sleeping with mommy and daddy.  This past month we have been able to transition her during the night to her pack n play.  She nurses, falls asleep in bed with us and then we move her.  On average she has been sleeping from 10-11ish to 4-5ish.    I hear her wake sometimes around 2ish, but she seems to be soothing herself back to sleep!  Yay!

...Lily is very observant these days!  She wants to be up moving around with mom and dad!  She's able to grasp toys and almost always brings them immediately to her mouth!  She is able to grab both of her feet and is desperately trying to get her toes in her mouth!!!  She rols from side to side when on her back, but has not fully rolled over yet.  Lily does not enjoy tummy time very much, but we try to give her at least 20 mins a day!
Lily chuckles now, and squeals a lot!!!  She is starting to mimic our sounds!  I swear she's said 'hi'!  
She loves bouncing in her merry muscles exerciser!  She will spend an hour in it, bouncing, hanging out and just looking around!