Thursday, May 23, 2013

Adjusting to life as a stay at home mom

Truth be told, the life of a stay at home parent is more challenging than I expected!!!  I feel as if I have treated the past 8+ months that I have been home as more of a sabbatical - That I'll be returning to work any day now, so I shouldn't get too settled into any sort of routine.  And while I do intend to return to work outside of the home at some point in the future, it certainly is not going to be tomorrow, next month or possibly even next year! So I've been working on trying to shift my mindset towards, 'This is my work now'.  My work consists of being the master of chaos, if you will!  From managing our home, maintaining a healthy diet, raising a happy thriving baby girl, and nurturing my family.

The constant attention needed by your child, the never ending chores piling up, errands needing to be ran, there is definitely enough to keep you 'busy' - but is it fulfilling?  Having worked in a corporate desk job for many years, my days were very structured and while not always fulfilling, I enjoyed relishing in progress made!  The day to day tasks required of a stay at home parent aren't necessarily filled with moments of progress.  Sure there is the laundry that was piled on the bathroom floor, which is now clean and folded and put away.  But this type of 'progress' doesn't equate to accomplishments, which I suppose is more of the frustration I have been feeling lately.  Don't misunderstand, I am fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with my daughter and there is nothing more I would rather do - but I have to admit that I am having a difficult time finding myself through this change.

I originally started this post over a month or so ago.  We were in the midst of trying to figure out a schedule for Lily.  Being that I am at home with her all the time, we were doing more of a child lead schedule.  When she was hungry, I feed her and when she seemed sleepy we went to sleep.  We were co-sleeping and just really letting her run the show!  In the span of a month or two, we have now established more of a schedule for Lily and really, for me too!  We have a set nap and bedtimes, and she's sleeping in her own crib.  All a post for another time.  But the goal was to get us on a schedule, which we have!  Yay!  Getting her on a schedule allows me to spend some time doing some things that help keep me sane and fulfilled!  Like working out and doing some arts and crafty stuffs!

Getting Lily on a schedule has really gone a long way to help me settle into this whole stay at home mom thing!  Not to say there aren't days that are better than others!  But I'm right where I want to be right now!

 I love this kid!!!

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